Contact Tracing & Physical Distancing

Our best in class solution is developed to be an intelligent, privacy-first, health and safety wearable that gives employers, employees and customers the confidence to safely resume operations.

As the world is adapting to new ways forward, Tracesafe has developed a comprehensive and all-in-one contact tracing and physical distancing system built to work for you. From small scale manufacturing to professional sports stadiums to international airports, our solutions are built to scale and handle any situation.

Created to be a user-friendly wearable in either a clip tag format or as a wrist band, it is fit for any user

Utilizes the latest Bluetooth Technology.
Provides intelligent cues to maintain safe physical distancing.
No Smartphone or App required.
Can quickly alerts users in the case of exposure.
Works with or without internet
Virtually unlimited battery life for worry free operation.
Built on a medical grade privacy and security platform where no user information is stored on their device.
All information is managed through a cloud based programmable solution providing real time monitoring.

Simple to Use for Both the User and Administrator

For The User

1 Step Worry Free operation.

The user receives their wearable in their preferred format. No other steps are required.

For The Administrator

Step 1
The Administrator assigns the wearable to a user.

Step 2
The wearable is then viewable on Tracesafe’s cloud based platform where access levels can be assigned based on needs.

Tracesafe has already provided solutions to some of the most mission critical situations globally


Boustead Projects, one of Singapore’s leading construction firms is utilizing TraceSafe’s wearable devices and cloud management software for its workers at project sites to manage contact tracing and ensure physical distancing. Boustead Projects’ employees who may be exposed can be easily identified in real-time for construction site supervisors to take informed, immediate action without having to result in drastic and overly broad solutions that can cause unnecessary project delays.

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The Toronto Wolfpack Rugby League Football Club will deploy Tracesafe’s wearable tracking solutions and cloud monitoring services to help safely reopen Lamport Stadium for training and games during the 2020 - 2021 season. This solution allows for contact tracing and physical distancing to be be applied at scale at large events ensuring that public health recommendations are followed. In addition, in the case of exposure, it will also give administrators the ability to respond in real time to protect the safety of employees and attendees alike.

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