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What's in store for 2022?

2022 has undoubtedly been one of the most significant years for TraceSafe as it's time to build on the foundation we created in the previous  years. Thanks to the value TraceSafe has created, we also have trust from some of the most prominent industry leaders across Americas, Europe and Asia. The company now has the access and talent required to build products that will go beyond contact tracing and quarantine management.

Along with safety and efficiency solutions, we have also identified that our technology has a unique role to play in sustainability and has become  a critical area of focus for us. Sustainability efforts including measuring, mitigating and offsetting carbon emissions are central to the future of the  businesses and we will be leading this transformation.

What is TraceSafe’s business model?

TraceSafe is an enterprise IoT company, and specializes in contact tracing and smart monitoring devices that can be remotely monitored from an online dashboard called AllSafe. The company helps businesses collect and measure new data points for more optimized operations. The application goes beyond Covid-19 protocols and is relevant for various other large-scale enterprise functions .

What is TraceSafe’s story?

TraceSafe was developed by WiSilica, Inc., a California-based private company in the business of creating intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to enable human centric lighting, real time tracking, intelligent wireless controls, and customized IoT Solutions.

In March 2021, Blockchain Holdings Ltd, a public company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange acquired 100% of the rights and interests for TraceSafe, the global health monitoring product that could be deployed by governments and corporations as they fight the global COVID-19 pandemic.

In June 2020, Blockchain Holdings Ltd. changed its corporate name to TraceSafe Inc, while continuing the focus on data and analytics and growing TraceSafe’s wearable safety technology business, commonly referred to as “Safety Tech”.

In Dec 2020, TraceSafe’s wearable technology products were made available for nationwide sales and marketing support for TELUS corporate customers via the TELUS IoT Marketplace. In April 2021, Tracesafe officially became a part of the TELUS Procurement Ecosystem.

Thanks to a small yet highly efficient team spread across North America, Singapore, Hong Kong and India, that went above and beyond to bring home major milestones, many customers came back which is the biggest testimony to the success of our unique solutions and technology.

Tracesafe has now ventured into the decarbonisation industry with the launch of ShiftCarbon, a comprehensive carbon management platform to measure, mitigate and offset carbon emissions


What kind of funding has the company received recently?

Early 2022, TraceSafe closed a convertible note financing with institutional investor Arena Investors LP, for gross proceeds of USD $3.20 million . The Financing was conducted in the United States as a private placement and will help drive TraceSafe's growth agenda, including a significant focus towards solutions in sustainable operations.

In August, 2022,  following the launch of ShiftCarbon, TraceSafe’s comprehensive carbon management solution, the company announced a financing of CDN$500,000 to help drive its new direction towards decarbonization

What are the different awards and recognitions won by TraceSafe?

In Nov 2020, Tracesafe won the Singapore National Innovation Challenge (“NIC”) award for “Digital Tool to Facilitate a COVID-Safe, Smart and Integrated Management of Worksite and Workforce

In April 2021, Tracesafe won the loT Award for ITServices during Singapore Business Review's Technology Excellence Awards for SafeSite, a smart, safe and integrated worksite management system

In June 2022, SafeTown by TraceSafe won loT Award in the Real Estate Category at Singapore Business Review's Technology Excellence Awards

In July 2022, TraceSafe’s SafeSite solution for Boustead Projects won Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) InnovationAward

What kind of growth​​ has TraceSafe been witnessing?

2021 was a record year for TraceSafe with record-breaking revenues exceeding 2020’s full year revenues. The company continued delivery with enterprise and government deployments, expanding presence in APAC with a Japan office. Some other big highlights were reaching an impressive milestone of selling  one millionth device in September 2021 and achieving GDPR and ISO 270001 compliance.

First quarter 2022 financial highlights:

  • Service income revenue of $0.8M USD grew 84% over the similar period in the prior year.
  • As a result of the growth in higher margin revenue stream, gross profit of $0.9M USD grew 481% over the similar period in the prior year.
  • Due to continuous cost containment efforts, operating expenses of $2.7M USD decreased by 32% over the similar period in the prior year.
  • As a result of the above, we decreased our operating loss of $1.9M by 52% over the similar period in the prior year. Similarly, our net loss of $1.8M decreased by 55% over the similar period in the prior year.

‍ First quarter 2022 business highlights:

  • Secured $3.2M USD in financing to accelerate growth. This will pave the way for executing on larger value creating products and milestones for customers and shareholders.
  • Announced strategic focus on decarbonization-as-a-service platform to help organizations measure their carbon footprint and mitigate emerging compliance risks  
  • Achieved patent for position tracking system. This technology allows for location-aware IoT devices to function accurately with reduced power consumption.
  • Created the Tablio device which entered the smart hospitality and healthcare industry connecting the communication workflow and enterprise ecosystem.

Product and Services

IIHF and Hockey Canada signed up for the third time with TraceSafe with World Juniors, what made them come back to you repeatedly?

We are excited to continue our valuable partnership with Hockey Canada and grateful for the trust they have placed in our solution. With TraceSafe, Hockey Canada and IIHF can focus on the sport while we take care of their safety using the best of contact tracing technology. The extension of our relationship is testimony to the efficiency of our solution and the successful implementation of TraceSafe’s award-winning wearable technology and IoT platform at last year’s World Junior Championship, as well as at the 2021 IIHFWorld Women’s Championship in Calgary, Alberta in August this year. The solution is a unique combination of sleek IoT devices and privacy-first software that provides quick updates and insights on potential health and safety threats to players, IIHF officials, Hockey Canada employees, volunteers and the staff as they come together before and during the Championship

How did TraceSafe Redefining Safety and Operations of Cruising in the Mid-Pandemic World?

With no clear timeline for bringing normality back to maritime and hospitality, the unpredictability created by COVID-19 has been driving the cruise industry to innovate and evolve for sustaining their options. Looking back on 2021, there were some major trends and events that resulted in massive industry changes, disrupted the market, and created new pathways for the future-proof cruising industry.One of the biggest strides taken towards stronger safety norms by the industry, and in particular leaders like Royal Caribbean International, Viking and Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, was implementing bespoke IoT ecosystems to improve their operations and deliver hyper-personalized experiences for guests. By deploying sleek wearables in partnership with leading IoT Solutions company TraceSafe, that offers a privacy-first approach complying with even the most stringent regulations, these cruise lines were not only able to manage to the safety of their guests but also streamlined aspects of their operations by eliminating contact points and maintaining health records.For the cruise industry – already challenged by COVID‑19 – IoT  helps mitigate health risks and also restore passenger, crew, and public confidence.The potential applications for IoT on cruise ships are limitless, like:

  • A room key- With concerns that the virus can be transmitted via objects like keys and coins, the physical key cards are replaced by the wearables. With a single tap door access will eliminate the need to carry around keys that have moved around people to people
  • A wireless payment method- Contactless payments have been a pivotal part of many industries during the COVID-19 pandemic. Touchpoints like signing receipts and giving or receiving cash are completely eliminated with IoT devices. Guests simply tap their wrists to a payment processor to charge their meals, purchase souvenirs, or buy special event tickets.
  • A medical record- Incase of any medical emergency with travelers, medical personnel can quickly scan their wristband to access medications they take, what their relevant medical history is, and who their emergency contacts are.
  • Proximity and contact tracing- If a guest tests positive during the cruise, the wristband will allow the management to identify and isolate all guests who came in close contact with the infected guest, to limit spread of the virus.
  • A location analytics tool- With IoT, housekeeping is made safe and contactless too. Cabin stewards no longer have to knock and wait, they can see when the room is vacant or occupied so that they can plan their visits safely and more efficiently
  • Capacity Management- AI-powered motion recognition can allow cruise lines to better understand the movement of passengers around the ship. The wearables could help cruise staff understand which zones or facilities are overused so they can direct staff and resources to enforce the necessary restrictions
  • A location tracking system- Wearables can be programmed to give location information to friends and families on board, incase of any emergencies or otherwise .
  • Instant and clustered messaging- One of the hallmarks when you’re in crisis is clear, consistent communication. Cruise operators can quickly and easily send out mass communications to passengers via display enabled IoT devices. These special devices, built exclusively by advanced IoT partners like TraceSafe will revolutionize cruise operations by almost eliminating the need for intrusive PA (Public Announcement) systems. From directing staff seamlessly from one area to another, to sending out important and interesting messages to passengers, the display enabled devices will truly elevate the customer experience on board, apart from quickly mitigating any crisis situations.

What industries are you serving and where were you able to make the biggest impact?

Our solutions are adaptable to all industries, but our core focus has been Hospitality and Maritime, Healthcare, Construction, Events & Venues and Enterprise. Our TraceSafe has had great success in the construction industry, with the SafeSite solutions. It has helped workers resume work with safe and smart operations. Another key market is Cruises, where Tracesafe’s solutions have not only been instrumental in ensuring compliance of Covid-19 protocols but also in enhancing guest experiences. Oil and Gas is another targeted area of growth.

What are the problems that TraceSafe was able to solve for its clients What is the profile of the target customers of TraceSafe Solutions?

TraceSafe helps enterprises recognise and monitor new data points to streamline their processes and pin-point the problem areas. The functionality and applications are limitless. An enterprise is a potential client if:

  • They can deliver a higher level of performance or efficiency by using key activities and details and optimizing automatically based on key insights such as temperature, fuel efficiency, speed and information on any particular route
  • Regularly collect information from devices or products to inform  business decisions or improve customer satisfaction
  • They have limited visibility into the location and condition of their products, either in transit or in storage, and spend time chasing equipment or wandering warehouses to locate items
  • They are struggling to optimize delivery or inventory without real-time information and want to eliminate the need to take ongoing manual stock of items
  • Interested in bringing back normalcy in the workplace and want to ensure safety of workers and equipment

Now with the launch of ShiftCarbon, TraceSafe has added carbon management to its corporate mission. As a sustainability-driven  technology company we help our clients  automate their carbon management, from data collection to reduction strategies and offsetting measures. Through continuous analysis, we provide them with an unmatched level of efficiency that sets the ground for long-term climate goals.


TraceSafe recently got its second patent. How does it align with the company’s goals?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently granted a patent for TraceSafe's path-breaking Position Tracking System. The novel technology allows location-aware IoT devices to function accurately with reduced power consumption. The novel position tracking system could support an enterprise's growth and sustainability goals. This patent further reinforces the company’s expanding IP portfolio that includes energy efficient wearables for patient tracking.

TraceSafe’s goal is to enable sustainable enterprise operations and this patent really helps us push the envelope in terms of device performance and accuracy, while being energy efficient

Must security be a huge concern with IoT? How is Tracesafe equipped to handle the growing privacy concerns?

Yes. IoT presents a large attack surface, so it is key that networking at the edge can be trusted and remains easy to use. TraceSafe achieved  the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001 certification for production, development, design, sales and support of IoT-based solutions, including hardware, cloud and mobile applications.

ISO 27001 certification helps our customers be comfortable moving forward with our solution, knowing our privacy and security practices adhere to the strictest international standards,” said Marcin Samiec, TraceSafe’s Chief Privacy Officer. “As a company that processes vast amounts of data using cutting-edge technology, it was important that we built systems, processes, and tools that protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information.

What sets TraceSafe apart?

Apart from creating world-class products that made it possible for customers to safely go back to business, we innovated in the speediest of ways to deliver more than the ask. One of the biggest differentiators that brought in unprecedented growth and trust from our customers was the quality of collaboration we were able to achieve with them. We were able to turn around solutions in record times by working together meaningfully every step of the way.

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