Events and Venues

Simplify venue and event management
Keep guests and staff safe
and streamline communications
with insights driven by real-time visibility
Send out targeted messages to guests to broadcast events, promotions and special announcements
Improve fan engagement with customized wearable solutions
Get unprecedented visibility of all your equipment and assets
Ensure staff safety and get alerts if assets enter or leave the venue
Completely automate staff time and attendance
Increase operational efficiencies by connecting thousands of staff members with each other and guests
"Tracesafe provided 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship with the technology to achieve two key outcomes. First and foremost, during the quarantine period the World Junior Host Committee was able to ensure that all participants were fulfilling their quarantine requirements. Once out of quarantine the ability to trace contacts and, through the flashing light technology on the badge, identifying when individuals were too close was vital to the health and safety of all participants. Close to 600 people were tracked and traced for over three weeks in the bubble, a layer of protection that made all participants feel secure within the World Junior bubble."
Dean McIntosh
Vice Presidents of Events
Hockey Canada


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