Worksite Safety With Wearable Tech

How to mitigate injuries in the oil, gas and construction industries

Despite multiple developments in safety equipment and training, the oil, gas and construction industries continue to grapple with high rates of injuries and accidents. 

In fact, injury rates in construction are 71% higher than across all industries on average. 

The construction industry was responsible for one out of every five deaths among U.S. workers in 2019, resulting in a total of 1061 deaths. The “Fatal Four” leading causes of death (falls, being hit by equipment, getting caught in between heavy objects, and electrocutions) are responsible for over 60 percent of fatalities.

These fatalities and injuries add up: fatal injuries alone are estimated to cost the United States $5 billion per year in health care, lost income, reduced quality of life, and lost production. The total annual cost of all construction injuries adds up to more than $11.5 billion, and workers’ compensation claims for non-fatal falls account for $2.5 billion per year.

Addressing worksite safety head-on

Innovative thinking, as well as a commitment to safety from the entire construction community are crucial to prevent worksite injuries and fatalities. Imagine a digital ecosystem that could manage jobsite safety using customizable wearables and software, real-time monitoring and a built-in alert system with sensors like sounds, vibrations and flashing lights. It’s what TraceSafe’s SafeSite solution offers, along with a privacy-first approach that complies with even the most stringent regulations. 

SafeSite in a nutshell

Fleet safety and efficiency. No fleet check-in/check-out sheets. IoT devices help site managers know which worker is using which vehicle. Additional IoT sensors help administrators understand engine hours, truck location, mileage, and geofences.

Underground machinery and asset tracking. BLE devices, in combination with gateways, tell operations managers who is underground and which machinery/assets they have with them.

Location analytics tool. With IoT, safety managers can spot areas with high traffic to better route movement across mining sites. Restricted access alerts and proximity alerts to heavy equipment help location managers improve safety and efficiency on the worksite.

Customizable wearables with sensors and alerts. Depending on each jobsite’s requirements, wearable sensors can be placed on helmets, lanyards, equipment, wrists – anywhere they’re needed. And with customizable alerts like flashing lights, sounds, vibrations and more, workers won’t miss a thing.

SafeSite in practice

Boustead Projects Ltd., a leading provider of integrated industrial real estate solutions in Singapore, uses SafeSite to monitor site works and maintain compliance with safety guidelines. The system provides real-time data on employees’ health and safety.

Oil Search, a responsible energy company in Papua New Guinea, has also invested in TraceSafe’s wearable solution, which included high-capacity BLE beacons, a cloud platform, and wearable tech that ensures the health and safety of employees, contractors and visitors.

Find out how your jobsite can benefit from TraceSafe’s construction safety solutions today.

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