Our Privacy First Approach

We've built privacy and security into the design of all our solutions. Learn more about our unwavering commitment to protecting personal privacy and keeping our clients compliant with privacy laws and regulations.

No App Required

Unlike most contact tracing solutions, we don’t require the installation of apps on user cell phones, eliminating most of the concerns associated with third-party, “always on” apps.

Our Core Features That Put
Privacy First

Privacy & Security Built-In

Our solutions have been designed with privacy and security in mind. Our wearables don’t store any personal information, only anonymous interaction data with other wearables, and all communication between devices is secured using top-level encryption.

Localized Solution

Our focus is on local enterprise contact tracing rather than large scale national efforts. This means our technology only monitors your interactions with other people within authorized locations. Localized contact tracing cannot function once you leave the contact site, eliminating fears of being “always-on”.

Limiting the Collection of Data

Our technology automatically deletes data after a predetermined amount of time, reducing the need to store data longer than required for notification-related purposes and to help comply with local privacy laws and regulations.

Customer Controlled Data

Our secure cloud instances can be set up on your account, in any geographical location, and on any cloud provider. You control the data, so you should have full say over where it lives and how it’s used. Easily comply with local and international privacy laws and regulations.

We’ve Got Your Back

We’re the only contact tracing provider with a dedicated Chief Privacy Officer
to work with you. Questions? Contact us at privacy@tracesafe.io

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