Quarantine Management

The most comprehensive quarantine management solution yet, built as a platform agnostic, privacy focused health and safety wearable that allows for reliable and accurate quarantine management.

Created to be unobtrusive, accurate and reliable - thus ensuring the highest levels of quarantine compliance.

Created to be unobtrusive, accurate and reliable

Utilizes the latest Bluetooth Technology.
Provides intelligent cues to maintain safe physical distancing.
No Smartphone or App required.
Can quickly alerts users in the case of exposure.
Works with or without internet
Virtually unlimited battery life for worry free operation.

Simple to Use for Both the User and Administrator

For The User

Step 1
The user receives their wearable (and gateway if no app is being used).

Step 2
Once the user arrives at their home or desired destination, they then activate their wearable by declaring quarantine.

For The Administrator

Step 1
The Administrator assigns the wearable to a user.

Step 2
The Administrator then registers the user to the secure cloud based platform.

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