Be at the forefront of innovation
through elevated guest experiences
Drive guest loyalty and revenue with personalized wearable technology
One platform to maximize operational and resource efficiency, ensuring exceptional guest experiences


Elevated guest experiences
Create a non-intrusive, context-led and powerfully connected ecosystem for guests. Leverage event notifications, contactless payment with unified wallet, smooth door access and targeted messaging system to unlock a futuristic experience for your guests at resorts, cruise ships, hotels or other hospitality venues.
Long-term data and reporting
Get a 360° view of customer behaviour and guest journey to improve long-term business decisions and optimize operational costs.
Workforce alignment and task management
Connect thousands of staff members with each other and with the guests using low energy devices to ensure seamless fulfilment of service requests.
Privacy risk mitigation
Experience peace of mind with industry-leading integration and an ISO 27001 certification across all solutions.


Secure and privacy first platform-centric technology
Safety and compliance focused
Fast processing
Seamless integration with existing technologies
Cost efficient technology


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