Location System

Monitor the real-time location of your assets
with always-on devices and dashboards
Collect real time actionable data to raise efficiency and improve operation
Use BLE and beacon technology to ensure real-time visibility of people and assets


Asset Visibility and allocation
Get unprecedented visibility of all your assets, no matter how big or small to ensure effective utilization.
Asset Movement
Predict and optimize the movement of assets or equipment in the facility with real time alerts.
Avoid thefts and create geofences to efficiently monitor assets in specific locations.
Employee Safety
Ensure workspace safety by implementing social distancing and zone access control  
Location Analytics
Contain costs and improve operations by analyzing long term data of asset movement and usage.
Workflow Optimization
Gain workflow and workspace optimization by leveraging the real time location data of assets and people


Seamless and instant integration with existing workflows
Customisable dashboard
Non-obtrusive and lightweight wearables
Highly cost efficient


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