Hospital and
Resident Care

Connect your healthcare facility to save
critical time and elevate your standard of patient care
Hypoallergenic BLE wearables enhance patient visibility and staff communication in hospitals and long-term care centers
Real-time movement updates and historical data free up time and resources


Staff and resident safety
Get real-time SoS alerts and always-on connectivity for staff and patients to ensure safety at all times
Real-time equipment monitoring
Find and use your equipment most efficiently with instant location updates.. Save critical staff time with an overview of which equipment is already in use.
Infant protection
Provide children and families with a safe and secure environment by preventing mother-baby mismatches due to human errors.
Patient Path
Substantially decrease patient wait times using real time alerts as the patient moves through the facility
Senior living and visitor management
Ensure a safe living environment by controlling access across multiple locations.


Secure and privacy-first platform
Instant and clustered
Medical grade hypoallergenic wearables


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