Remote Temperature Monitoring

Eliminate waste in temperature-sensitive supply chains
Use sensor technology to capture real-time data on temperature fluctuations for temperature sensitive goods
Turnkey solution comprising data mapping sensors and a convenient mobile app to accurately trace a product’s journey and temperature conditions on the go


Easier and efficient logging
An IoT-enabled temperature-controlled supply chain enables process automation and eliminates manual logging.
Real-time risk management
Drivers receive alerts in order to mitigate potential spoilage risks.
Higher accuracy
At near 100% accuracy, the system identifies shipments that have exceeded or fallen below their recommended temperatures.  
Inexpensive deployment
With battery life designed to last years after purchase, there are virtually no maintenance costs involved.
Compliance and quality assurance
With a data-driven automated solution, companies can instantly measure and reduce their carbon impact and comply with regulations across regions.


Predictive temperature fluctuation trends
Rich insights and foresights powered by AI
Instant real-time visibility
Seamless integration
Sustainability performance monitoring


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