Smart Cities

Smarter and sustainable infrastructure
to power smart cities of future
Smart sensor technology to capture object, movement and carbon output data in buildings and worksites
Advanced analytics dashboard that integrates with public and private infrastructures and analyzes thousands of data points to drive profitability and sustainability


Energy management
Gain real-time visibility into energy metering/sub-metering data with wireless sensors. Implement schedules and real-time controls for HVAC, lighting, and other building assets.
Security operations optimization
Increase safety and productivity by managing security personnel’s route information, recording route violations and attendance reports to optimize scheduling, operations and on-site assignments.
Remote monitoring
Stay connected to multiple facilities across the city with visibility on mission critical data–anytime, anywhere.
Smart lighting
Save both effort and operational costs in your buildings and work sites with smart lighting that can respond to motion, and automatically power down when a room is vacant.
Carbon Management
Comply with sustainability and carbon measurement and reporting guidelines.  Get contextual data points to measure and offset any amount of emissions at your worksite.


Accurate and contextual data
Instant real-time visibility on movement data
Seamless integration with existing technologies
Compliance and privacy centric


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Oct 31, 2022
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Oct 18, 2022
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