TraceSafe is proud to deploy its state-of-the-art wearable safety technology at the 2021 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship. TraceSafe powered by TELUS will provide participants with wearables designed to perform contact tracing and physical distance monitoring during the championship. This will enhance the safety of the teams, staff and media in the tournament bubble.

Why Tracesafe?

TraceSafe’s contact tracing and physical distancing technology has been used worldwide and recently won the Singapore National Innovation Challenge award for a “Digital Tool to Facilitate a COVID-Safe, Smart and Integrated Management of Worksite and Workforce”.

This award resulted from TraceSafe’s deployment of a technology-based contact tracing and physical distancing solution in Singapore (in partnership with Boustead Projects.) 
TraceSafe was also adopted in March 2020 to assist in managing Hong Kong’s Home Quarantine Support System for foreign visitors and returning citizens.

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How can TraceSafe powered by TELUS support a safe 2021 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship?

TraceSafe powered by TELUS will support the health and safety protocols established by Hockey Canada and health authorities for the 2021 World Juniors Hockey tournament. Our technology can quickly and seamlessly record potential exposure, enabling administrators to notify individuals which have come into contact with attendees who have disclosed or been diagnosed with COVID-19. These individuals can promptly be isolated and tested, which will be critical in containing an outbreak and ensuring the health of all participants.

How will TraceSafe powered by TELUS be used during the 2021 IIHF World Junior Hockey Championship?

Throughout the championship, all teams, event staff and the media will have TraceSafe’s contact tracing beacon embedded in their event credentials. TraceSafe will be able to track physical distancing and perform contact tracing for all participants.

TraceSafe’s wearable safety technology will be complemented by regular COVID-19 testing throughout the championship.  In addition, when teams arrive for the tournament they will need to self-isolate at their respective hotels.

During this period they will wear a TraceSafe disposable quarantine management wristband that will help ensure that all health and safety protocols are met.  

What about privacy?

TraceSafe, powered by TELUS, values privacy; this is why our solutions have privacy and security built in.  Data collected by our wearables is pseudonymized and secured using top-level encryption.

Our technology only monitors interactions with other people within authorized locations. Localized contact tracing cannot function once the participant leaves the contact site, eliminating fears of being “always-on”. No smartphone app download required.

More information on TraceSafe’s Privacy Policy can be found here.

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